Rolltop Cupcake Box

It’s actually the sample Bread Box, sized just about right for a cupcake or two:

Rolltop cupcake box - closed
Rolltop cupcake box – closed

Even if I have a soft spot for cupcakes, it’s also the right size to corral the batteries we use on the bikes:

Rolltop cupcake box - open
Rolltop cupcake box – open

I’d never done anything with flexible plywood sheets, so I started by cutting the door all by itself. Turns out 3 mm plywood flexes wonderfully well, which led to cutting the rest of the box.

The zit on the left side is a knot on the “bad” side of the plywood, visible due to not reversing that piece to put its “good” side downward. I also had to re-cut the curved door guides along the front edge (using the paper support) after they fell through the stock (up on spikes) and got torched during subsequent cuts:

Rolltop cupcake box - cutting guides
Rolltop cupcake box – cutting guides

The instructions recommend applying wax to the sliding surfaces and that’s a very good idea; although I used cutting wax, paraffin should work. In addition, I filed off the projecting edges of the guide plates around the interior curve, if only to be sure the door couldn’t possibly catch after it was permanently assembled.

I glued it in about five stages to keep everything aligned, starting with the right rear corner stabilized by the bench block and eventually coaxing the left side over all those fingers.

Hit the custom URL with all the build parameters to make your own, although you should tweak the measurements to suit your plywood.

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