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Spotted in Lake Walton on an out-and-back ride to the Hopewell Junction Depot end of the rail trail:

Turtles - Lake Walton - 2019-03-14
Turtles – Lake Walton – 2019-03-14

Mary counted & guesstimated fifty turtles in the backwater.

They’re the snuggliest turtles I’ve ever seen:

Turtles snuggling - Lake Walton - 2019-03-14
Turtles snuggling – Lake Walton – 2019-03-14

Taken with the Pixel XL at maximum zoom, hence the gritty overpixelization.



Bird Box: Flowing Ice Sheet

It’s early springtime in the Hudson Valley:

Bird Box - sliding snow sheet
Bird Box – sliding snow sheet

The birds have been making companionable springtime noises, but it’ll be a while before the nesting season starts up.

Taken with the DSC-H5, diagonally through two layers of 1955-ish window glass.


Squirrel Exploration

We spotted a motion twitch outside and finally figured out what was going on:

Squirrel in rotten branch hole - 1
Squirrel in rotten branch hole – 1

There must be something yummy down inside that branch scar, but you gotta keep checking your six:

Squirrel in rotten branch hole - 2
Squirrel in rotten branch hole – 2

Where’s a hawk when you need one?

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Jimmied Cable Box: Who You Gonna Call?

We spotted this anomalous situation halfway up Cochran Hill Road:

Cable Box - as found
Cable Box – as found

It looks like a Verizon FiOS cable box filled with jumpers for all the houses along the way:

Cable Box - fiberoptic jumpers
Cable Box – fiberoptic jumpers

You’ll note the missing lock and misplaced latch. The box face isn’t scarred, so getting in must not have required much effort.

The box carries no company identification or emergency numbers, but it does have two theft deterrents:

Cable Box - wasp nests
Cable Box – wasp nests

Perhaps the deterrents worked better in warmer months.

Given how little Verizon wants to hear from its FiOS customers, I have sub-zero motivation for devoting the hours required to find out if it’s their problem. Somebody along Cochran should have enough standing for the case.


Hawk vs. Squirrel

Judging from the squirrel tracks on both sides of the scuffle, the squirrel lived to tell the tale:

Hawk vs. Squirrel - snow tracks
Hawk vs. Squirrel – snow tracks

I think the squirrel came in from the right, the hawk stooped from a pine tree on the left and missed the catch, whereupon the squirrel departed leftward as fast as its little paws could go.

Surely a hair-raising encounter!


Red Fox Visitation

A Red Fox came trotting around the garden on the day before Christmas, then nosed up to the back of the house:

Red Fox visitation - 2018-12-24

Red Fox visitation – 2018-12-24

Presumably, it was in search of a snack. We wish it good hunting.

A few hours later, the fox walked quickly across the back yard with half a dozen turkey toms close behind, perhaps urging it away from their hens. Everybody remained calm and collected, knowing their roles in this particular play.

FWIW, Marist College fieldsĀ Red Foxes athletic teams. The women’s teams are Lady Red Foxes, as “vixen” carries entirely inappropriate connotations.


Stink Bug Haven

We hung a pine-cone wreath beside the back door (a.k.a. the only door we use), replacing a Welcome sign painted on a slate tile. Of course, the tile had long provided a sheltered spot against the house siding:

Marmorated Stink Bugs and Spiders

Marmorated Stink Bugs and Spiders

Reports from the garden suggest Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs aren’t as damaging as they once were, perhaps because something has developed a taste for them.

We hope whatever it might be eats well this year.