Thermador In-Wall Heater

Our house dates back to 1955 and features several fancy items not found in contemporary dwellings. Take, for example, the Thermador in-wall heater in the front bathroom:

Thermador In-Wall Heater
Thermador In-Wall Heater

It has a finger-friendly design apparently intended to admit a small finger through the grille, where it can easily contact the resistance heating coil, so while we were moving in I snapped a GFI circuit breaker into that slot in the breaker panel. We advised our (very young) Larval Engineer of the hazard and had no further problem; as far as I know, that breaker never tripped and no fingers were damaged.

Back then, while adding that breaker and cleaning the first half-century of fuzz out of the thing, I evidently blobbed silicone rubber on the screw terminals of the switch:

Thermador In-Wall Heater - switch contacts
Thermador In-Wall Heater – switch contacts

They don’t make switches like that any more.

For reasons not relevant here, we’ll be using it for the first time since we moved in, so I spent a while cleaning / blowing / brushing another two decades of fuzz out of it.

Minus the fuzz, the heater no longer smells like a house on fire:

Thermador In-Wall Heater - glowing
Thermador In-Wall Heater – glowing

If that doesn’t warm your buns, nothing will!

4 thoughts on “Thermador In-Wall Heater

  1. Those switch contacts could benefit from gentle treatment with a diamond fingernail file or a folded piece of emery cloth.

  2. My grandparent’s homes were full of these and all of them still worked. Additionally one home had a “portable” and outlets all over the house that were 220. I don’t recall what we did with it when they passed away but I should have kept it as a huge load bank but it was quite heavy.

    1. If ours is any indication, those heaters had a very low duty cycle and, being built with Real Metal, should last forever.

      I’m sure the “portable” version weighed more than a small child and, despite having handles, was portable in name only.

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