OMTech 60 W Laser: Magnetic Honeycomb Spikes

When a cardboard base plate under metal spikes would pose a fire hazard, you can position magnetic spikes where they’re needed:

Magnetic Honeycomb Spikes - acrylic
Magnetic Honeycomb Spikes – acrylic

The 12 mm neodymium magnet is slightly larger than a single honeycomb cell, so it wants to center itself atop a cell. The stainless steel button head screw sits in the magnet’s countersunk hole and protrudes just enough to make sure the spike doesn’t slide sideways unless you want it to:

Magnetic Honeycomb Spikes - parts detail
Magnetic Honeycomb Spikes – parts detail

A cloud of combustible gas doesn’t pose a threat under there:

Magnetic Honeycomb Spikes - MDF
Magnetic Honeycomb Spikes – MDF

The thin red beam comes from the targeting laser on the back of the nozzle.

Storage is easy: just smush a handful of the things against the side of the laser cabinet:

Magnetic Honeycomb Spikes - storage
Magnetic Honeycomb Spikes – storage

Buy all the parts in lots of 100 to have supplies for other adventures!

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