Lid Box

Mary reuses empty sour cream / ricotta cheese / cottage cheese to freeze / store garden produce, which results in a need to store their lids:

Lid box - filled
Lid box – filled

It’s made from 1.5 mm chipboard, which seems both sturdy enough for the purpose and sufficiently stylin’ for life in a middle drawer.

A bead of Elmer’s yellow wood glue along the tops of meshing fingers (which then hits the bottom of the opposing slots) holds the joints together, with a quartet of steel blocks + magnets ensuring perpendicularity during curing:

Lid box - gluing
Lid box – gluing

The glue cures to a transparent skin, so it doesn’t look nearly as awful as you might think. Besides, being inside with lids all over, nobody will ever see the overage. Right?

The box pattern comes from the wonderful as a magic URL:

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