Rounded Petal Acrylic Coaster

Having gotten the rounded-petal pattern generator working, applying it to acrylic sheets seemed reasonable:

Cut Acrylic Coaster - top cleaned
Cut Acrylic Coaster – top cleaned

The petals stand slightly proud of the black top frame, as the colored sheets were marginally thicker than the black sheet, but it looks OK in person. They’re all epoxied to a transparent base plate, so the bottom view is pretty much the same:

Cut Acrylic Coaster - bottom
Cut Acrylic Coaster – bottom

Because the bottom is perfectly smooth, I think it looks better than the top, which shows irregularities around the petals where the epoxy didn’t quite fill the gaps. There is one small bubble you won’t notice if I don’t tell you about it.

I laid a small bead of epoxy around the perimeter of the base, laid the black frame in place, ran a bead along the midline of each petal shape plus a drop in the round part, laid the petals in place, and hoped I didn’t use too much epoxy. It turned out all right, with only a few dribbles down the edge that wiped off easily enough.

I peeled the protective plastic off the top while the epoxy was still tacky, which pulled far too many fine filaments across the surface:

Cut Acrylic Coaster - frayed top
Cut Acrylic Coaster – frayed top

After the final cure, I managed to scrape most of them off with a thumbnail; I hope to never make that mistake again.

As you might expect, acrylic plastic’s pure saturated colors wipe the floor with Sharpie-scribbled white chipboard:

Chipboard coaster - rounded petals - front vs back cut
Chipboard coaster – rounded petals – front vs back cut

The black frame makes the whole thing overly dark, so the next attempt should use white or perhaps a transparent layer atop a mirror base.