Rail Trail: Fallen Tree Clearing

We rolled up to a pair of walkers who had just watched a long-dead tree fall across the Dutchess Rail Trail ahead of them:

Rail Trail - fallen tree - 2021-09-15
Rail Trail – fallen tree – 2021-09-15

Which is why I now carry a fold-out pruning saw in my tool kit:

Rail Trail - fallen tree - cleared - 2021-09-15
Rail Trail – fallen tree – cleared – 2021-09-15

The mowing crew we encountered half a mile ahead had a chainsaw and cleared the remainder.

Stay alert out there!

Although I don’t have a picture, there was a freshly dead bat lying underneath the main trunk. I think it rode the tree down, only to get slapped hard against the gravel beside the trail. I’m sure bats power up faster than I do, but not quite fast enough.

Bat House

We found this critter while checking for water after Hurricane Ida drenched the area:

Bat on attic vent
Bat on attic vent

It’s on the outside of the vent screen and we have no objection.

We should put up a bat house to encourage more of its friends to hang out with us …

Soldering Iron Spider

I noticed something out of place when I fired up the soldering iron:

Soldering Iron Spider
Soldering Iron Spider

It’s not obvious in a flat photo without depth perception, but here’s a closer look:

Soldering Iron Spider - detail
Soldering Iron Spider – detail

A tiny spider had set up shop just over the tip cleaning port, with a delicate web linking the sponge to the iron holder.

I tried to deport her outdoors, as is our custom with helpful critters, but she jumped off the web and scurried to an unknown spot on the bench. She’ll surely rebuild in an equally productive spot.

Obviously, I’m not soldering enough electronic gadgetry …

Tree Frog Redux

Mary found another tree frog while picking Savoy lettuce for breakfast:

Tree frog on Savoy cabbage
Tree frog on Savoy cabbage

They’re much better camouflaged in their (more or less) natural surroundings, so I didn’t spot it at first, either.

They really are cute little gadgets:

Tree frog on Savoy cabbage - detail
Tree frog on Savoy cabbage – detail

This is only the fourth tree frog she’s seen in the last two decades, but the second one in a month. It may be the same frog as before, although the garden now has a rather husky resident snake who seems to be eating well.

Tree Frog

A myriad of tree frogs serenade us in the evenings, but we rarely see any. This fingernail-size critter was impossible to miss against a brown plastic trash can:

Tree Frog on trash can handle
Tree Frog on trash can handle

It sat tucked nose-up inside the handle until I loomed overhead, whereupon the edge seemed better. It eventually jumped to the ground, dozens of body lengths below, and hopped off into the leaf litter behind the cans.

We wished it well and expect to hear from it during the rest of the season.

Goose Parade

Canada Geese seem primed to travel in a straight line, whether in the air, on water, along a rail trail, or even on a sidewalk:

Canada Goose parade - A
Canada Goose parade – A

They proceed around corners in an orderly manner:

Canada Goose parade - B
Canada Goose parade – B

But they completely ignore crosswalk markings:

Canada Goose parade - C
Canada Goose parade – C

We think two goose families joined forces for this outing: four large geese and seven goslings by our count.

The sidewalks sport a rich assortment of goose poop, so the geese obviously enjoy their hikes.