SJCAM M50 Trail Camera: Dead Remote

The remote control included with the SJCAM M50 trail camera did absolutely nothing. Not only did it not turn on the camera’s WiFi, the two indicator LEDs between the buttons didn’t blink:

SJCAM M50 remote - front view
SJCAM M50 remote – front view

With not much to lose, I removed those four screws and popped the back cover:

SJCAM M50 remote - interior
SJCAM M50 remote – interior

Yup, the OEM no-name CR2032 lithium cell was dead flat discharged. A new one perked it right up, with blinky LEDs and all.

Now I can check the camera for interesting pix without hauling it into the house:

The Early Raccoon
The Early Raccoon

Plenty of critters making the rounds out there …

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