Walker Leg Shortening

While looking for something else, Mary came across a walker in the attic and mentioned that, if she ever had to use it, the shortest position of the adjustable legs would put the hand grips too high for comfort. Maybe they

Well, I can fix that:

Walker shortening - hole indexing
Walker shortening – hole indexing

The holes are an inch apart, so I clamped the V blocks parallel to the X axis on the drill press, zeroed the X axis knob, slid the leg to get the drill bit into the last hole, clamp in place, crank the table an inch, then use a step drill to start the hole:

Walker shortening - hole drilling
Walker shortening – hole drilling

The holes are just slightly larger than the 1/4 inch step on the drill, so the twist drill cuts them to size.

A tubing cutter sliced an inch off all four legs and all four frame tubes:

Walker shortening - latch relocation
Walker shortening – latch relocation

The white plastic fitting in the frame tube prevents the legs from rattling, but I had to drill another hole to move the latch button, too.

With a bit of luck, we’ll never need the thing.