Faking OpenGL 2.0 on Intel i945 Hardware

OpenSCAD grumps about not finding OpenGL 2.0 whenever it starts up on my ancient laptop, which is tedious: that situation just isn’t going to change. Not a fatal error, although I do wonder what the OpenCSG rendering would look like.

Anyhow, a bit of rummaging turns up a hack that’ll cause OpenSCAD to STFU and just start up. That doesn’t make OpenCSG work, which is pretty much not a problem for my simple needs.

On Ubuntu-flavored distros, install driconf, then activate two options (in the Performance and Debugging tabs, respectively):

  • Enable limited ARB_fragment_shader support on 915/945
  • Enable stub ARB_occlusion_query support on 915/945

And then It Just Works…



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