Nonmagnetic Tweezers: Don’t Believe The Hype

A small package of 6000 SMD resistors just arrived from a Hong Kong eBay seller. It showed up promptly despite traveling halfway around the world, had neat packaging, and I’ll give ’em good feedback.

Also included was a free needle-tip tweezers, just exactly what you need for plucking those little ceramic rectangles from their packages. I  already have a bunch of needle-tip tweezers in my rack, but you can never have too many tools and this one won’t go to waste.

Gooi TS-11 tweezers
Gooi TS-11 tweezers

The package has what appears to be comprehensive instructions in both Chinese and Japanese (to my untrained eyes, anyway). Not much in English, other than that Anti-magnetic, anti-acid and non-corrosive Stainless Steel line; perhaps this isn’t the export model. Indeed, it lacks the obligatory country-of-origin labeling, but, given where the package came from, one may reasonably assume the usual Chinese origin.

The tweezers are (almost illegibly) stamped STAINLESS NON-MAGNETIC and bear a tidy sticker: gooi TS-11 ANTIMAGNETIC.

Gooi TS-11 Antimagnetic sticker
Gooi TS-11 Antimagnetic sticker

The build quality and surface finish are, um, a bit rough, but Gooi seems really proud of their non/anti-magnetic properties.

Needless to say, a magnet sticks firmly…

I have no convenient way to test their anti-acid (whatever that is) and non-corrosive properties, but I’m betting these suckers are plain old Chinese mild steel, made from recycled US scrap. Perhaps the previous iteration was stainless and we’re stepping down the cost-saving ladder? If they would just change the packaging to match reality, that would be fine with me.

[Insert standard observations about Chinese quality control here.]

Y’know, come to think of it, I’m sort of wondering about those 6000 SMD resistors. With any luck they’ll actually work when I get around to using them. If not, I suppose it serves me right for buying direct from Hong Kong via eBay, eh?

And, yes, I know some stainless steel is magnetic.

3 thoughts on “Nonmagnetic Tweezers: Don’t Believe The Hype

  1. I do love a quality tweezer. I picked up some good looking needle tip ones at a hobby shop a while back, and immediately loved them. Of course, I soon dropped them, ruining the tips. I bent and filed them as best I could, but they were never the same. It took me a while to find another pair like them – they were very nice, but anonymous and unmarked. I finally found another pair of the same design and quality – Vomm 5a SA. Apparently there’s some sort of agreement in tweezer model numbers, as several other manufacturers offer a 5a SA that’s the same basic item. The 5a is a medium size tweezer, with the tips making an angle across the width (search the web for a pic if my description is unclear). For me, it’s a great compromise between an ordinary straight tweezer and bent tip ones. The SA is stainless, anti-magnetic, and anti-acid – apparently popular features. The metal has a really nice fine brush finish that’s grippier than a polished finish but not rough at all.

    1. with the tips making an angle across the width

      I like ’em already!

      A tweezer with long angled needle tips (and no obvious code) has been my SMD handling device of choice for a while; Dragorn keeps nudging me to build a vacuum pickup and I really should.

      A pack of MADE IN INDIA tweezers from the back of the drawer has one labeled AA with thick centered tips and another 5 sa with thin centered tips, but nothing offset like yours.

      That one’s on the list… thanks!

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