Camera Microscope Adapter

Microscope Eyepiece Adapter Parts
Microscope Eyepiece Adapter Parts
Mount and Camera
Mount and Camera
Camera on Microscope Eyepiece
Camera on Microscope Eyepiece

This worked out surprisingly well…

The project was to mount my pocket camera on the stereo zoom microscope, so I can take decent pix of small stuff.

The entrance pupil of the camera is about the same size as that of a human eyeball: focus at infinity, tune for best picture, and you’re set. Best of all, no microscope mods other than a wrap of tape around the eyepiece to prevent scratching.

My heap disgorged two tubes that were exactly the right diameter and length with finished ends (evidently stubs left over from a previous lathe project), so all I had to do was turn the adapter ring between them. The heap even had a slightly-too-long 1/4-20 thumbscrew with a boss below the thread. Ya gotta have stuff!

I set the ‘scope up with the eyepiece exactly vertical, put the tubes on the eyepiece, screwed the T-bracket to the camera,  squooshed a J-B Weld epoxy putty turd between the T and the tube, then boresighted the camera to the ‘scope axis by centering the light on the LCD. Shazam: nearly perfect alignment with no fussy machining. I added two machine screws through the blob: I don’t trust the camera to an epoxy-PVC joint.

The smallest field looks like 2 mm, so the resolution is about 2 mm/2400 = 800 nm, which I don’t believe for an instant. Maybe a micron or three, at best, limited far more by the camera than the ‘scope. Widest is >15 mm, a more reasonable and still unbelievable 6 microns. The lens just ain’t that good.

The eggs are from our stick insect, with a millimeter scale.

Stick Insect Eggs - 1 mm scale

[Update: This post seems to pop up in response to searches for stick insect eggs. One of my rather more interesting pictures is there.]

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    1. You have a nice stand for yours. Me, I drilled a hole in a corner of the benchtop for a 5/16-inch socket-head set screw and bolted that sucker right down.

      During picture-taking sessions I put a machinist’s jack under the scope focus rack to eliminate wobbles and set the camera for a 2-second delay.

      After I figure out how to helix-mill some threads, I must build a compact ring light for the thing…

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