Half-Teaspoon Soldering

My favorite half-teaspoon measure hit the floor with a surprising sproing:

Half-teaspoon soldering - broken
Half-teaspoon soldering – broken

The weld lasted far longer than anyone should own a spoon, I suppose, but it wasn’t much to begin with:

Half-teaspoon soldering - sprung handle
Half-teaspoon soldering – sprung handle

Having had much the same thing happen to a measuring cup from the same set, I cleaned the back of the spoon and the front of the handle with a stainless steel wire brush in the Dremel and gingerly re-bent the handle to remove any inclination it might have to break free again:

Half-teaspoon soldering - cleaned and rebent
Half-teaspoon soldering – cleaned and rebent

Some 60% silver solder (the formula evidently changed in the last few decades), nasty flux, and propane torch work produced a decent fillet:

Half-teaspoon soldering - cooling
Half-teaspoon soldering – cooling

It looks a bit worse on the far side, but I’ll never tell.

Rinse off the flux, wire-brush the joint, wash again, and it’s all good.

I thought about excavating the resistance soldering gadget, but the torch was closer to hand and a bigger fillet seemed in order.

6 thoughts on “Half-Teaspoon Soldering

  1. You missed an opportunity to disassemble your microwave, extract the transformer, rewind the transformer, construct a spot welder from said transformer and some copper ground rod, and tack weld your spoon back together. What do you think we pay you for around here? :-D

  2. Ed, it makes me tremendously happy to know that you have a favourite amongst your (evidently many) half-teaspoon measures. I look forward to the publication of your magnum opus, “My Life with Fractional Kitchen Measures” …

    1. I fought that to a standstill, figuring the still-welded joint wouldn’t clean out very well. If When it breaks, it’ll be easier to fix. I think so, anyway.

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