Silver-Soldering a Stainless Steel Measuring Cup

Quite some years ago, the spot weld holding half of the handle to the side of my all-time-favorite 1/3-cup measuring cup broke loose. The minuscule weld nugget suggested that the spot welder got distracted; the weld on other side of the handle is perfectly bonded.

I tried repairing it with silver solder and a torch, which simply proved that’s not within my skill set. I buffed off most of the residue and applied JB Weld epoxy, which lasted just fine until a few days ago. It’s a low-stress situation, indeed, but I’m not surprised that the epoxy didn’t really bond to a slightly scuffed stainless steel surface.

So, this time around, I did it right: sandpapered off the epoxy, scuffed up the cup and handle by shoe-shining a sandpaper strip face up and face down in the gap, then silver-soldered the handle in place using my resistance soldering gadget (which I promise to describe some day).

The setup was straightforward. Clamp the cup in the bench vise with soft copper jaws (hammered from ordinary pipe) that also grip one electrode from the soldering unit.

Silver-soldered handle - left side
Silver-soldered handle - left side
Silver-soldered handle - right side
Silver-soldered handle - right side

I used a strip of fancy Brownell’s Silvalloy 355 silver solder ribbon (which is 56% silver instead of the chintzy 4% junk I normally use) with some truly toxic silver solder flux. About ten seconds of heat melted the solder and produced a pair of nice fillets along the sides of the handle.

The flux washed off in hot water and a few licks with fine sandpaper cleaned things up just fine. The carbon electrode left a bit of schmutz on the handle, but nothing a Dremel brass brush wheel couldn’t solve.

The inside has a bit of heat discoloration, but the sandpaper knocked that back reasonably well, too.

Heat discoloration inside cup
Heat discoloration inside cup

The final product looked a lot better than these in-work pictures, but it’s tough to photograph subtle differences in a shiny silver object.

Anyhow, as you might expect, we value function over form in this household.

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  1. Yes, I do want to see more of your resistance soldering gadget when you have the time.

    1. Be it so moved, seconded, and passed as read!

      A few odds & ends coming while I clear out a big must-do project, then I’ll write it up…

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