Lamp Posts vs. Reality

Spotted this in a mall built just before the 2008 financial implosion:

Round Lamp Post in Square Pavement Hole
Round Lamp Post in Square Pavement Hole

Maybe the original catalog items went obsolete by the time they signed up enough tenants in that section to justify any lighting at all?

In related news, a facelift some years ago at the motel next to the decaying Red Oaks Mill dam installed square lamp posts on the existing square concrete pedestals, but replaced the original metal conduit with a plastic sheath:

Square Lamp Post with Cut Cable Shield
Square Lamp Post with Cut Cable Shield

The cable may sit low enough in the recess to survive, but I wouldn’t bet my life on it.

3 thoughts on “Lamp Posts vs. Reality

  1. You have to wonder at times, just how have we made it this far?

  2. The flexible gray shield is split, revealing the wire it was supposed to protect. That wire resembles old-timey television antenna twin-lead rather than Romex. You’ve seen it up close. What is that wire?

    1. It should be direct-burial Romex, but the insulation is light(er) gray rather than dark(er) gray. I didn’t see any markings, probably because they’re on the bottom side of the cable or a foot underground.

      If it were in a conduit, I’d say it’s the right stuff. As it stands, it’s one weedwhacker strike away from a ground fault.

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