Marquetry: Veneer Test Piece

I haven’t given Mary a diamond in forever, so:

Marquetry test piece
Marquetry test piece

Straight up: this was mostly for fun, as can be determined by the hideous juxtaposition of the diamond amid a hexagon with the grain running the wrong way.

The diamond pattern was the least awful result of searching the Intertubes for diamond svg.

I didn’t expect it to work on the first try, but apart from having to calibrate the engraving depth in the scrap of plywood paneling, things went swimmingly:

Marquetry plywood engraving depth tests
Marquetry plywood engraving depth tests

I now have settings to excavate 0.2, 0.5, and 1.0 mm into that particular paneling. The veneer sheets were just over 0.5 mm thick and stuck out just enough to sand them flush.

The ideal kerf compensation turned out to be none at all, which I found after compensating the frame 0.1 mm outward on all sides, then having it not fit in the hole nor around the inner triangles.

A layer of yellow Elmer’s Wood Glue holds everything in place.

A few licks of 120 grit sandpaper, wipe it down with polyurethane finish, let it cure overnight, and it’s presentation-ready.

Got a chuckle, which is as much as I expected.

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