Tour Easy Front Fender Clip: Longer and Stronger

We negotiated the Belmar Bridge connection stairway from the Allegheny River Trail to the Sandy Creek trail:

Belmar Bridge Stairs - Overview
Belmar Bridge Stairs – Overview

We’re maneuvering Mary’s bike, but you get the general idea. Our bikes aren’t built for stairways, particularly ones with low overheads:

Belmar Bridge Stairs - Low Overhead
Belmar Bridge Stairs – Low Overhead

The front fender clip on my Tour Easy snapped (at the expected spots) when the mudflap snagged on one of the angles:

Belmar Bridge Stairs - First Turn
Belmar Bridge Stairs – First Turn

For some inexplicable reason, I didn’t have a roll of duct tape in my packs, so the temporary repair required a strip of tape from a battery pack, two snippets of hook-and-loop tape, and considerable muttering:

Tour Easy front fender clip - expedient repair
Tour Easy front fender clip – expedient repair

It was good for two dozen more miles to the end of our vacation, so I’d say that was Good Enough.

The new version has holes in the ferrules ten stay diameters deep, instead of six, which might eliminate the need for heatstink tubing. I added a small hole at the joint between the curved hooks and the ferrules to force more plastic into those spots:

Front Fender Clip - Slic3r
Front Fender Clip – Slic3r

I also bent the hanger extension to put the fender’s neutral position closer to the wheel.

We’ll see how long this one lasts. By now, I now have black double-sticky foam tape!

The OpenSCAD source code as a GitHub Gist:

As a bonus for paging all the way to the end, here’s the descent on the same stairway:

Belmar Bridge Stairs - Descent
Belmar Bridge Stairs – Descent

No, I wasn’t even tempted …

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