Ersatz Library Card: Fixed

Sharper eyes than mine pointed out I misspelled Poughkeepsie, so I took advantage of the opportunity to make the whole thing look better:

Library card tag - revised front
Library card tag – revised front

It turns out the low-surface-energy tape stuck like glue to the acrylic tag (because that’s what it’s designed for) and peeled right off the laminating film on the printed paper. So I stuck some ordinary adhesive film to the back of the new paper label, left its protective paper on the other side, cold laminated the film+paper, laser-cut the outline, peeled off the back side of the laminating film with the protective paper, and stuck the new adhesive to the LSE tape still on the tag.

I have no idea how well this will work out in the long term, what with two adhesive layers bonded to each other, but this whole thing is in the nature of an experiment.

2 thoughts on “Ersatz Library Card: Fixed

    1. Doooooom!

      The library recently announced they’re not charging overdue fines, although a baffling matrix of other charges for lost or damaged stuff remains in effect. Having been raised back in the day, being overdue is unthinkable, so we’re in the clear.

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