Laser Cutter: Fire Extinguisher Brackets

A Genuine Kidde Fyre Freez CO₂ extinguisher that Came With The House™ finally found its ideal location:

Fyre Freez extinguisher - mounted
Fyre Freez extinguisher – mounted

It was last refilled 65 years ago:

Fire Extinguisher Recharge Tag - 1957
Fire Extinguisher Recharge Tag – 1957

I know it’s still good, because the label has its 4 lb 7 oz refilled gross weight stamped into it, which is exactly what it weighs today.

Walter Smith Welding Supplies may still be in business, perhaps in Poughkeepsie, but their former 18 Downs St location in Kingston has become Noble Gas Solutions:

Noble Gas Solutions - 18 Downs St Kingston - 2019
Noble Gas Solutions – 18 Downs St Kingston – 2019

Back then, you could call Smith Welding at a four digit phone number in Kingston: 5061. Nowadays, you must call Noble Gas with three more digits: 338-5061. As Charles Stross observed, something like 70% of the future is already in place, because infrastructure is so tenacious.

Heck, just look at that Quonset hut!

Keep calm and extinguish on:

Fyre Freez extinguisher - step 4
Fyre Freez extinguisher – step 4

Two thoughts spring to mind:

  • Most kitchen fires start waist-high (it’s the late 1950s: where else would she be?)
  • She’s gonna lose skin on that metal tank

Seems to me a Fyre Freez will get cold enough to freeze skin while discharging, but I admit to not having actually tried it.

Anyhow, given the overall basement decor, the brackets have the right general style:

Fyre Freez extinguisher - bracket detail
Fyre Freez extinguisher – bracket detail

Here’s hoping its future will be as dull as its past …

4 thoughts on “Laser Cutter: Fire Extinguisher Brackets

  1. Oh these were the days, when men were real men, women were real women and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri were real small furry creatures – and household fire extinguishers were filled with CO2.
    Nowadays, you can barely find a CO2 extinguisher for home use. It’s all powder now. Which is much more fool proof of course. The downside is, if you have a small fire you have to decide whether you want to cover everything in powder or use something other than a fire extinguisher first; versus just a whiff of CO2.
    As dolled-up as this 1950s woman looks, just look at her face and you know, she’s not to be messed with, she gets things done.

    1. The extinguisher may be optional. She could just say “Don’t do that” in the proper voice and the blaze would poof out.

  2. It may still be full but that doesn’t mean the valve will open when you need it… I had occasion to use (and refill) three halon extinguishers last year. Worth every penny. And it was a whole lot of pennies.

    1. Good point.

      AFAICT, the “valve” is an orifice screwed down on a pin. Twisting the black nozzle unseats the orifice, whereupon snow happens. Worst case: I toss it into the blazing laser cutter and wait for the overpressure seal to blow. [grin]

      Being that type of guy (with a bit of history), there’s a big CO₂ extinguisher near the machine tools at the other end of the basement, a big dry powder extinguisher at the foot of the stairs, another CO₂ extinguisher at the top, and a couple of dry powder extinguishers scattered throughout the house.

      Despite that, our Family Doctrine says get out fast and watch the place burn to the foundation.

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