Bed Frame Feet

Quite some time ago I slipped felt pads under the feet holding the bed frame off the wood floor and recently noticed two of them perpetrating an escape. My first thought was a variation of the 3D printed Fuzzy Felt Feet holders under our power chairs, but the bed frame feet are much larger.

The holders are basically rings surrounding the feet and felt, which LightBurn makes easy enough:

Bed Frame Feet - LB layout
Bed Frame Feet – LB layout

The Foot Retainer is 6 mm plywood, the Plate and Felt Retainer are 3 mm.

I fired a ranging shot to verify the sizes:

Bed Feet - clamping
Bed Feet – clamping

Then do three more, apply wood glue, and deploy Too Many Clamps.

The fuzzy felt feet are about 5 mm thick, so the 3 mm plywood shouldn’t quite touch the floor. Alas, the fuzz squishes more than I expected, so I added the chipboard Felt Spacers for a millimeter more clearance:

Bed Feet - chipboard spacer
Bed Feet – chipboard spacer

They’re glued to the Plate with the felt adhesive side stuck to them:

Bed Feet - fuzzy felt foot
Bed Feet – fuzzy felt foot

The felt and chipboard compress under load so now it behaves as it should:

Bed Feet - installed
Bed Feet – installed

Gotta get better at gluing plywood together, though.