Encounter With A Cash-for-House Scammer

This conversation started during the few hours when I had to turn off my phone’s incoming-call whitelist filter:

Cash Home Sale SMS
Cash Home Sale SMS

Seems to me a cash-for-house buyer who believes anything the seller says about the property is both new to the “real estate” biz and not destined for a long career. Obviously, the whole exchange attempts to increase my engagement and make me agree with everything going on.

Now, should you happen to be moving to the Mid-Hudson Valley and need a really nice shop with an attached house, let me know: we can work out a better deal.

Protip: if you’re in a position to stack seven thousand Benjamins on our kitchen table, don’t get between us and and the horizon.

There is a reason all my calls and texts go through a whitelist filter.

5 thoughts on “Encounter With A Cash-for-House Scammer

  1. Ha! We definitely don’t want to sell, so I quote them $US6.7M with as straight of a face as I can – while listing off the good location, great school district (only one school shooting!) awesome historic barn, fresh remodel, etc.

    They never call back :-(

    1. Well played, sir!

      Our make-us-move number definitely sits on the very high end of similar-ish properties around here, but I figure if somebody wants it that bad, it’d be a shame to keep it out of their hands. No money in flipping it at that price, though, so we haven’t packed our suitcases.

      1. We thought about moving a few years ago, but the California refugees (those without the excess dollars to go to the west/wet/warm side of the Cascades) soaked up the affordable properties in the county. Now the market is as cold as the weather…

        We let the landline spam go to voice mail, where they hang up. The cell phone doesn’t get used more than once or twice a week, so a really dumb flip phone is adequate. Scammers pay little attention to low end phone accounts. [/very big evil grin]

  2. i would be very surprised if these scammers have ever bought a house from anyone. Surely it’s just a long con leading to an advance fee scam.

    1. I would definitely lawyer up before signing anything, because even the aforementioned stack of Benjamins on the kitchen table could become no end of trouble nowadays.

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