Handle With Care – FRAGILE – Thank You

I wonder if somebody took careful aim at this particular corner:

FRAGILE package damage
FRAGILE package damage

Well, it arrived in a more-or-less timely manner, unlike some packages and letters we’ve both sent and received of late. Tracking data suggests packages can vanish for days at a time, teleport to distant sorting centers, and sometimes loop between centers.

The USPS may simply have run out of people willing to work under the current conditions.

5 thoughts on “Handle With Care – FRAGILE – Thank You

    1. All the worker bees we’ve met seem to be good folks, but their management apparently leaves something to be desired.

  1. FedEx has been interesting since the several winter storms, but for sheer obstinate incompetence, the USPS wins hands down. My “favorite” was the vertical antenna that somebody tried to deliver to my maildrop “2 minutes after they should have opened”, and took it back. The redelivery website bombed with both Pale Moon and Firefox (I don’t do Google/Chromium), and nobody answered the phone at the post office. So, had to go and get it the next day. Arggh.

    OTOH, station building is on hiatus until my right knee is repaired. It is possible to disconnect the quadriceps from the patella, and it’s as painful as it sounds. Julie was quite annoyed that I hadn’t tossed those worn shoes–not good on ice. Repairs Monday, recovery 12 W-6 M, depending on definition of recovery.

    1. Ouch!

      The far side of the driveway developed a large ice slick between recent snow storms, but I held onto the snowblower for dear life while slithering in a most unseemly manner. We should all know better by now, right?

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