Step2 Garden Seat: Replacement Seat2

As expected, the plywood seat I put on the Step2 Garden Seat for Mary’s Vassar Farms plot lasted about a year before the wood rotted away around the screws. In the meantime, we’d acquired a stack of SiLite cafeteria trays, so we applied one to the cause of better seating:

Step2 Seat - tray variant
Step2 Seat – tray variant

Various eBay listings value that slab of Bakelite Melamine up to $20, which is far more than Mary paid for the entire stack at a local tag sale. They also call that color “rich brown”, which is certainly better than what immediately came to mind when I saw them.

The stylin’ asymmetric design happened when I realized the squared-off handle end of the cart didn’t demand a rounded-off end of the seat. I cut off the raised tray rim before sketching the rounded outline using the rotted seat as a template; some of the sketch remains over on the right-front corner. A session with Mr Belt Sander put the remaining rim edges flush with the surface, no matter what the picture suggests.

The tray being 2 mm thinner than the plywood, I tried printing the hinges in a different orientation with different built-in support:

Rolling Cart Hinges - solid model - build
Rolling Cart Hinges – solid model – build

The perimeter threads pulled up far too much and, although fiddling with cooling would likely help, I think the original orientation was better:

Rolling Cart Hinges - solid model - bottom
Rolling Cart Hinges – solid model – bottom

Given that the post-apocalypse breakfast will be served on similar trays, the seat should survive for quite a while in the garden. We think the sun will convert the brown surface into a bun warmer; a coat of white paint may be in its future.

The original OpenSCAD code is still out there as a GitHub Gist.

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