Epson R380 Printer: Waste Ink Counter Reset

Following the same drill as before, the Epson R380 printer once again thinks I’ve changed its diaper before resetting its waste ink counter. Instead, I’ve poured what would be a moderate fortune of waste ink down the drain from the external tank, had I not grafted a continuous flow ink supply onto the thing.

To judge from how often I must reset the counters, I’m expected to buy a new printer every three years. For sure, it’s uneconomical to have anybody else (the nearest Epson Authorized Customer Care Centers is 68 miles away on Long Island) do the deed. As Epson delicately puts it “replacement of ink pads may not be a good investment for lower-cost printers”.

Epson now provides a utility allowing you to reset the counters exactly one time. Having a scrap Windows PC ready to go, I didn’t bother capturing the partition before firing off the previous Sketchy Utility™, nor did I restore it, so the whole process took about half an hour.

The hard drive platters will eventually become nightlights.

4 thoughts on “Epson R380 Printer: Waste Ink Counter Reset

  1. The latest issue of Consumer Reports not only does not recommend any Epson printer… they specifically advise against buying one.

    1. This one still works fine, but it’s required quite a bit of attention / fiddling / resuscitation, entirely apart from the outboard ink supply and waste tank. Eventually, Something Will Go Wrong and I’ll ditch it without looking back.

      Better than the hulking HP 2000C inkjet I ran for far too long; scrapping it out felt so good …

  2. For light to moderate use B&W printing, I’ve had really good luck with the Brother HL2270 DW printer. The ability to print in duplex is handy, though setting up a 32 bit library for the driver was a mild pain. I keep this one on wired internet, though it will work wireless or USB.

    1. Brother seems to have reasonable quality, big tanks, and Linux support: hard to beat!

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