Epson R380 Printer: Resetting the Waste Ink Counter Again

The Epson R380 printer never gets turned off, so it rarely has a chance to complain. After a powerdown due to refreshing the UPS batteries, it lit up with the dreaded “Service required. Visit your friendly Epson repair center” message that indicates you should just throw the printer out, because replacing the internal ink absorber mats / draining the internal tank is, mmm, economically infeasible when you pay somebody else to do it.

Having done this before, though, it’s almost easy…

  • Pop a PC with a Windows partition off the to-be-recycled stack
  • Boot System Rescue CD
  • Back up the partition to a junk hard drive, just for practice
  • Copy the subdirectory of sketchy utilities to the Windows drive
  • Boot Windows (with no network connection)
  • Run sketchy utility to reset the ink counter
  • Boot SRC, restore partition
  • Return hard drive & PC to their respective piles
  • Declare victory and move on

This time, a sketchy utility that resembled the Official Epson Reset Program actually reset something and the printer started up normally. As before, however, the saved MBR didn’t match the on-disk MBR, suggesting that either I don’t understand how to save / restore the MBR or that something once again meddled with the MBR in between the backup and the restore.

I’ve emptied the waste ink tank maybe three times since the last reset: plenty of ink down the drain. Fortunately, I loves me some good continuous-flow ink supply action…

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