MPCNC: Re-Relocated Probe Camera

Although the camera doesn’t hit anything, it seemed entirely too exposed out in front:

MPCNC - relocated camera - front view
MPCNC – relocated camera – front view

So I moved it to the back, where I can’t see it and maybe won’t clobber it:

MPCNC Re-Relocated USB Camera
MPCNC Re-Relocated USB Camera

The camera sensor is now almost exactly aligned with the XY axes, so the goofy rotation is gone and the offsets look better:

bCNC - Rear-mount Camera Probe Config
bCNC – Rear-mount Camera Probe Config

The size of the “10 mm” inner circle at the crosshair depends on the target distance, so it’ll be smaller for surfaces clamped onto and thus rising above the table. Depending on how much that matters, I can tweak the camera focus and scale factor to make the answer come out right.

The setup at the home position looked like this from a different perspective:

MPCNC - Rear-mounted USB Camera
MPCNC – Rear-mounted USB Camera

No operational change, just a cleanup.