Debranded HP w2408 Monitor: Revived

Three years ago I found a bulgy electrolytic cap inside a failed HP w2408 monitor:

HP 2408 monitor power supply - HV cap bulge
HP 2408 monitor power supply – HV cap bulge

Back then, a 150 µF 450 V cap of the proper size (the 30 mm height being critical) was difficult to find and relatively expensive to purchase in onesies from the usual reliable sources, particularly as the repair advice I could find suggested it probably wasn’t the causing the monitor’s problems. So the monitor sat in pieces in an out-of-the-way corner of the Basement Laboratory while other events transpired.

As part of a long-delayed Great Cleanup of Small Projects, I discovered the caps are now four bucks delivered from halfway around the planet, so I got one, did the swap, reassembled the pieces, and the monitor works just like new. No pix, but you get the general idea.

For another few years, anyway.

For whatever reason, the 3.5 mm audio output seems dead. The monitor has a pair of teeny speakers that don’t do justice to its magnificent HDMI audio, but they’re entirely adequate for my simple needs: pre-SSH Raspberry Pi setup doesn’t call for much.

3 thoughts on “Debranded HP w2408 Monitor: Revived

  1. For what it’s worth, lcdalternatives dot com still sells kits of capacitors for various monitors. I rebuilt a 20″ Princeton (mid 2000s vintage, with several bad caps) and got a few years of use before other components died. Might be worth it for those in a bit of a rush.

    1. They now have high-voltage caps, with the note about only replacing swollen caps, which was definitely the case with this one.

      Their Panasonic 150 µF 450 V cap is nine bucks plus shipping, but I’d definitely get it if I needed the rest of the caps, too.

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