Bathroom Drawer Knob: Whoopsie!

I managed to snag a cargo pocket on the under-sink drawer knob in the Black Bathroom:

Bathroom knob - bent screw
Bathroom knob – bent screw

Did a job on the pocket, too, although after Mary was done with it, you’d never know.

With that much of a bend in the screw, the knob left a nasty divot in the drawer front requiring a layer of wood-filled epoxy:

Bathroom knob - filled divot
Bathroom knob – filled divot

I sanded it more-or-less flush with the surface, taking great pains to not scuff the surrounding paint. A similar layer fills the corresponding divot under the screw head inside the front.

Despite appearances, only about 1/8 inch of the epoxy peeked around the knob, so I painted it black with a Sharpie, ran the knob onto the screw, and declared victory:

Bathroom knob - restored
Bathroom knob – restored

I’ll (try to) (remember to) stand further back from the knob …

9 thoughts on “Bathroom Drawer Knob: Whoopsie!

  1. I have managed to do the same thing many times buy have not pulled a knob off. I guess I’m just the right height (6′) that all my pockets in shorts, jeans, or cargo pants seem to be able to catch a knob. It usually just causes me to stop, but once I managed to have enough momentum to tear half the door off. They are oak and it lined up well, so I just glued and clamped it up. I have caught the door since but it has held together.

    1. One pair of shorts has cargo pockets with pleats, a stylin’ refinement I didn’t notice at the time. Next time, I’ll know better: we learn more from our mistakes than our successes!

  2. The middle picture looks like an aerial view of a sea dam about to break.

  3. When we partially redid our kitchen, the base cabinets and drawers got snag-resistant handles. I’m told that a lot of kitchen remodels come about after catastrophic water leaks. Yep.

    1. This being the first killer snag in the two decades since we replaced the original knobs, they’ve worked out pretty well. I expect the next owners will gut-and-rebuild the place: more power to ’em!

      1. The overalls I favor (it’s the American Gothic look, pitchfork optional) have pockets perfectly situated to catch knobs. I’ve learned to walk really slowly when I’m near the relevant knobs. No catastrophic catches so far.

        I’m curious as to what was done to our previous place in San Jose. Satellite views say no external changes, but I’d be shocked if they kept much of my remodel. We were on a very tight budget.

        1. We’ve wondered the same thing about our previous houses, particularly the first one a few miles from where we are now. It was a snug fit for the two of us and now has an apartment in what used to be the garage / machine shop. Mary wishes she could harvest from the nut trees she planted …

          1. A place I had (sketchy neighborhood) changed hands several times in 25 years, but the realtor photos of the empty place looked gorgeous. Somebody did a high dollar (at least, it looks like it) interior remodel.

            My last place is still owned by the couple who bought it. IIRC, it was bought because it was close to eBay’s site.

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