Makerspace Starter Kit: Shipped!

So I spent the last month (*) extracting the tools, parts, and stock I use on a regular basis, filling 20-ish boxes with stuff I wanted to keep:

Basement shop - right - before
Basement shop – right – before

After I moved all those boxes out of the way, three very industrious guys (and two teens who gradually got into the spirit of the thing) from MakerSmiths devoted all of a Saturday and a bit of Sunday morning converting an entire basement like that into this:

Basement Shop - right
Basement Shop – right

The stuff filled about 3/4 of the floor space in a pair of 26 foot box trucks:

dsc08699 - Truck 1

Each truck had a snug 10,000 pound load limit and the stuff didn’t stack well:

dsc08698 - Truck 2

The strap under the pile of metal, plus some plywood stiffeners, prevented it from running amok during transit. As long as they didn’t flip the truck, everything seemed well packed and cross-braced.

Only a few minor injuries; all’s well that ends well.

Alas, most of the spatial memory that let me find a tool or a part is now wrong; it’ll take a while to re-learn the new locations.

(*) Samuel Johnson: “… when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.”

9 thoughts on “Makerspace Starter Kit: Shipped!

  1. I’m glad I pointed them at you. When they said a couple of them were from upstate NY, I stopped worrying about them not understanding the distance involved. They’re a good bunch of folks.

  2. Quick, Ed — scatter the remaining stuff around that all-too-neat basement lab. The empty shelves and bare floor will otherwise exhibit the well-known fact that nature abhors a vacuum, and more stuff will magically begin to accumulate. Just sayin.

    1. Perhaps I should deploy dummy boxes full of air, just to occupy any vacant niches…

  3. Is that the picture of an amputated finger in the top left of the first image? Can’t read the caption, I’m guessing it’s some kind of cautionary tale?

    1. The original used to be available on the US Navy Safety Center site, but no longer. Here’s a crappy photo that should suffice:
      Honey, I told you I'd never take my ring off ...

      Our Larval Engineer hated that picture. I told her that’s why it was where it was. She (says she) wears earplugs to concerts, eye protection in the shop, gloves when handling lumber, and bare hands when using machine tools. My work there is finished.

  4. I feel for you Ed, I moved a year ago, and it took me 6 months prior to that to clear the workshop, and I didn’t have nearly as much as you.

  5. Before we all panic, let’s assume he’s cleared this all out because he’s getting some massive bit of kit to fill it all back up again… If not, there is still time to contact the appropriate mental health authorities. ;-)

    I will have to hide this series of posts from my wife, though.

    1. The long-term alternative is shrinkwrapping what’s left with a smaller space, but I have proposed a few additional tools before then …

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