Debranded HP w2408 Monitor Cap

Quite some time ago, I picked up a nice monitor that turned out to be a debranded (all OEM labels removed or covered) HP w2408. It eventually became erratic, refusing to turn on or return from power-save mode, so I took it apart. All the caps looked good and seemed to have low ESR, except for the big one in the middle of the power supply board:

HP 2408 monitor power supply - HV cap
HP 2408 monitor power supply – HV cap

It’s 30 mm in diameter, with 10 mm lead spacing, and stands a squat 26 mm tall, ignoring a millimeter or two of bulge in its should-be-flat black cap:

HP 2408 monitor power supply - HV cap bulge
HP 2408 monitor power supply – HV cap bulge

Having never seen one of that size before, I sent a note and picture to folks who sell re-capping kits for monitors, in the hope that they’ll have a lead.

Otherwise, it’s e-trash…

8 thoughts on “Debranded HP w2408 Monitor Cap

    1. Parametric search is your friend. That’s how I found suitable capacitors and inrush current limiter for my dead Microsun lamp. I swapped ’em in and it worked fine. Bulk capacitors like that are rarely critical as to their specs, as long as there’s more-or-less enough capacitance and low enough ESR. I usually buy fancy 125°C long life ones so I don’t have to replace ’em again – the cost difference is trivial compared to the time to find/replace them and the cost of shipping.

    2. I’ll wait to see if LCDAlternative (the folks I used last time!) can do a whole kit for less than I’d pay for two caps from Digikey, but some of those should fit.


    1. Turns out it’s height-constrained: that 30 mm height is a hard limit. Worst case, if lives were at stake, I could probably force-fit a skinny cap horizontally, but …

  1. Mouser has this part number if you don’t think the colors will clash…: 710-861111485025
    Oddly enough, filtering on 150 uF did not produce a 450 volt capacitor in the results, but going from dimensions and a voltage range produced what appears to be a reasonable match…

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