Mid-Hudson Bridge: Evening

Seen from the Walkway Over the Hudson during a Moonwalk:

Mid-Hudson Bridge - Moonwalk
Mid-Hudson Bridge – Moonwalk

Taken with the Pixel XL braced on the railing. It has a good camera, but good low-light photography requires bigger pixels, more lens, and less compression.

The bright white block just to the right of the left tower comes from construction lighting in the new Vassar hospital building.

2 thoughts on “Mid-Hudson Bridge: Evening

    1. Absolutely!

      Pretty nearly all the pix around here have a tight crop around whatever’s interesting. The original images may include frippery around the edges required to get good contrast or focus or whatever, none of which move the picture forward.

      The camera has a fixed f/2 lens with the expected razor-then depth of field. I wish it had a smaller (and variable!) aperture, but it’s a wonder it works as well as it does.

      The best camera is the one you have with you, which it definitely is.

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