Drying Rack Re-Repair

Despite having sworn a mighty oath to the contrary, I found myself doing this again:

Clothes Rack - end clamp
Clothes Rack – end clamp

A strut on the other end of the dowel split across its face:

Clothes Rack - split clamp
Clothes Rack – split clamp

The white stuff is wood-filled epoxy, normally used to repair rotted wood, left over from another project. I’ll claim this tests its mechanical strength against peeling forces.

Easily determined by inspection: a sensible person would toss the rack, but …

2 thoughts on “Drying Rack Re-Repair

  1. I had a similar end of something separated / split – after putting in epoxy into the gap (was laminated assembly ) and clamping things to let the epoxy cure – I put a wrap of fiberglass cloth over the end and secured it with epoxy – over 10 years worth of abuse later and the repair is still working nice

    1. That’s a good idea! If I didn’t give the glass mat away, I can wrap up all the loose ends and be done with it: next time the rack hits the shop, I’m on it!

      Definitely easier than 3D modeling a bracket, but I can surely work it in somehow.

      Thanks …

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