Amazon Packaging: PAR30 LED Bulb

The second incandescent bulb over the kitchen sink popped and a replacement LED bulb arrived with the by-now-familiar homeopathic Amazon padding:

Amazon Packaging - Satco LED bulb
Amazon Packaging – Satco LED bulb

Turns out the new bulb is slightly brighter than the old one:

Satco S9415 LED PAR30 bulbs
Satco S9415 LED PAR30 bulbs

Oh, and it’s three bucks cheaper, too.

Eyeballometrically, 5% makes no difference whatsoever, even in a side-by-side comparison.

Life is good.

8 thoughts on “Amazon Packaging: PAR30 LED Bulb

  1. The thing I’ve noticed with the LED bulbs is the wide selection of color temperatures. The 5000K bulbs give me the blues. [grin] 2700K is all right, but light yellow items are hard to separate from off-white in that light.

    1. I relamped the kitchen’s main fixture with 4000 K “daylight glow” tubes, because there was nothing warmer to be found. They clash horribly with the 2700 K spot, the under-cabinet lights, and the good old halogen tube in the over-the-table fixture. [mutter]

  2. Ahh, that amazon packaging. Good you didn’t order anything heavy with the bulb, otherwise it would have arrived smashed into tiny bits.

    1. Combining it with five pounds of walnuts couldn’t possibly have ended well for either item …

      1. I have intentionally delay ordering certain items like food and chemicals by a day or more to make sure they are not combined. There have been a few times that I chose the slower shipping so that it would arrive at a time that was more convenient for us. The thing is, they will ship it as fast as they can and they show up sooner anyway regardless of what you may have asked for. What can ya do?

        1. Almost nothing, as nearly as I can tell.

          Unless I delay (“Save for later”) an item until the previous order arrives, Amazon will do its best to drop them into the same box. Conversely, if I deliberately bunch several items together to get a single delivery, each item will arrive in a separate box over the course of a week.

          Stipulated: First World Problem. [sigh]

          1. Oh, I agree it is a first world problem all right. To have such speed and service is pretty amazing but I do wish we could tune a few things here and there, but as we all know feedback doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Its really a shame they have gotten so big that things like this occur.

    2. I had something similar but with a piece of paper. They’d torn off about 10 cm of the shock dampening paper they use (no airbags at European Amazon in my experience) and sort of twisted it instead of crumpled it.

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