Amazon Packaging

The ample padding around this bag of fragile pecans leaves nothing to be desired:

Amazon - well-packed pecans
Amazon – well-packed pecans

They’re firmly held in place on all sides, well protected from injury, and survived their shipping ordeal unscathed: not a bruise or break to be found. Well done!

That’s not always the case. A padded envelope recently arrived with an obvious wound:

Amazon - envelope perforations
Amazon – envelope perforations

Which came from its completely unprotected contents:

Amazon - unprotected PCB pins
Amazon – unprotected PCB pins

Fortunately, the fragile glass front plate of that OLED managed to put itself flat against a small box inside the otherwise empty bag. it wasn’t broken, but due only to good fortune.

“Static sensitive parts enclosed”, indeed …

3 thoughts on “Amazon Packaging

  1. I once made the mistake of buying a computer fan together with a replacement alternator for my wife’s car. Sure enough they just put both in the same box, with just a strip of bagged air as padding. Needless to say the heavy alternator totally pulverized the fan as the box got jostled in the mail….

    1. The default seems to be “drop into as few boxes as possible”; there’s sometimes a checkbox for that. Worse, they’ll sometimes combine orders placed on the same day, so I think ordering incompatible items a day or two apart may be the only way out.

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