Eyeglasses: New Nose Pads

A stray nose pad appeared on the kitchen floor and, after some investigation, it corresponded with the stub in Mary’s oldest reading glasses. Some rummaging in the Bag o’ Eyeglass Stuff produced a similar pair of pads:

Glasses - missing nose pad
Glasses – missing nose pad

Although the lenses have become somewhat scuffed over the years, masking the optics with Parafilm is always Good Practice:

Glasses - new nose pads - masked
Glasses – new nose pads – masked

The split boxes clamped around the pad stems required a bit of delicate opening-up with a utility knife blade before the new ones pressed firmly into place.

This was significantly easier than the Silhouette frame repair!

2 thoughts on “Eyeglasses: New Nose Pads

  1. At one point, I had a pair with a clear nose bridge instead of the pads. Unfortunately, it fell off. I noticed at the time, but it fell off into snow, and I was utterly unable to find it. I didn’t have any spares of that part and was snowed in, so I couldn’t go shopping either. I ended up making a new one out of hot glue, waiting until it cooled partially, then putting the glasses on, so the soft bridge would mould itself to my actual nose. This worked surprisingly well, but looked about as goopy as you probably imagine.

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