Amazon Packaging: Lindt Chocolate

Amazon may toss lithium cells into a cardboad box without much care, but chocolate requires attention to detail:

Amazon - Lindt Chocolate packaging
Amazon – Lindt Chocolate packaging

An ice pack, with a lump of ice in the middle, snuggled under the chocolate carton. The box arrived UPS Next Day from Amazon’s Kentucky distribution center, with the carton inside still cold to the touch.

On the average, I suppose, Amazon’s packaging averages out, but I’d rather they paid more attention to protecting hazardous material.

The picture shows a reenactment of actual events, because we were in the middle of something else when the UPS truck arrived.

5 thoughts on “Amazon Packaging: Lindt Chocolate

  1. When I ordered a 5 gallon water container (Scepter makes a good one) and a DVD drive, both were thrown into the same box with some token packing material.. (The drive survived.)

    Makes one wonder what they’d do if the chocolate and the Li cells came from the same warehouse for an order…

    1. A few weeks ago, I had a pair of camera batteries and four other items in one order: over the course of the next week, Amazon shotgunned me with four boxes from four different delivery services.

  2. Had to order another pair of NiCd packs for the DeWalt drill driver. The bad one started to overheat in charge, but the temp sensor system in the pack/charger caught it. Still… [yikes!]

    We’ll see what the packing looks like.

    1. At least the pack had a sensor!

      Knockoff camera packs have SMD resistors, rather than thermistors, and will remain perfectly happy until the charger slags down.

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