Amazon Packaging: Lithium Ion Cells

The mandatory warning stickers leave no doubt as to what’s in the box:

Amazon - Lithium Ion Battery Warning Stickers
Amazon – Lithium Ion Battery Warning Stickers

You can imagine my relief when the lithium cells arrived intact:

Amazon - Lithium Ion Battery - packaging
Amazon – Lithium Ion Battery – packaging

FWIW, the ATK lithium cells arrived in a small box, snugly tucked into a form-fitting foam block:

ATK Lithium Ion Cell - padded box
ATK Lithium Ion Cell – padded box

As long as nothing happens, it doesn’t matter, right?

You’d think Amazon would have learned something from their day in court, though …

6 thoughts on “Amazon Packaging: Lithium Ion Cells

  1. DeWalt is offering a 20V li-Ion adapter for the older 18V Ni-[Cd | MH] based tools. Considering my drill gets knocked over or dropped sporadically, that’s iffy for me.

    Also can’t get enthusiastic about the 40+ V power packs in lawn equipment. Vibration and shock won’t cause any problems, right?

    1. A string trimmer with an “80 V Max” battery scares the wits out of me: enough voltage to kill you, enough current to weld steel, with both available at the same time!

      Every time I see a NEW! battery pack configuration, I tell my good old drill-with-line-cord how much I appreciate it …

      1. I tried corded tools for the pumphouse project, but it’s 225 feet from the nearest outlet. I am within 300 feet of the compressor, and light duty air hose is affordable. My 5500W (nominal) generator should play nicely with the 220V, 11A (nominal) compressor, but they were doing the “I’m going to die” song at the end of the fill cycle. I stopped before they were right.

        Apparently, 4300′ elevation does matter. I am using non-oxy gasoline, but both units are fairly old.

        The electrician should come this week (I’m not running 350 feet of #4 wire in conduit myself). Ain’t rural life grand?

        1. You’re definitely a corner case: high power over long distance at altitude. I just poke holes in walls near sea level, infrequently enough to kill battery packs, even whatever the most recent fancy NEW! ones might be.

          Good luck with the cable pulling!

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