Sony DSC-H5 End-of-Life, With Reprieve

So my trusty Sony DSC-H5 camera emitted a horrible crunching sound from inside its lens assembly, spat out several error codes which boiled down to “throw me out”, stopped retracting its lens, and developed a nasty rattle. If I thought dropping $2k on a fancy mirrorless DSLR would improve my photography, I’d do it, but instead I picked up a $60 used DSC-H5 from eBay and continued the mission.

Of course, the new-to-me H5 suffers from the half-press switch failure common to that entire line of Sony cameras; my DSC-H1 repair notes still come in handy for many folks.

I’d preemptively repaired the shutter button + switch in my now-defunct H5, so I dismantled it, extracted the control assembly + shutter button, bulldozed the debris aside, dismantled the new(er) H5, transplanted the parts, reassembled it, and declared victory.

Which left me with a pile of parts that could become an H5, if I could fix the lens assembly, which seemed unlikely. While pondering the futility of human existence, I applied a low-effort repair to the defunct shutter button by scuffing the nicely chromed and absurdly tapered tip of the OEM shutter button’s shaft, then applying a dot of JB Kwik epoxy:

DSC-H5 Shutter Button - epoxy dot
DSC-H5 Shutter Button – epoxy dot

The nice sphere came from hanging downward, with the button sitting atop a short brass tube on the workbench.

Filing the dot’s end flat produced a blunt plunger much larger than the OEM tip:

DSC-H5 Shutter Button - filed epoxy dot
DSC-H5 Shutter Button – filed epoxy dot

You can just see the edge of the OEM tip inside the grayish end, which puts the filed flat at the original pin’s length.

I punched a new plastic disk to replace the indented one:

DSC-H5 - shutter switch cover
DSC-H5 – shutter switch cover

Based on past experience, the new plunger tip will work fine, although, unlike the brass screw repair, the OEM plastic pin can still break and launch the spring-loaded shutter button cap into a nearby bush. Given that I may never actually use the repaired button, I’ll take the risk.

Finding out if the new tip will work may take a while:

DSC-H5 - disassembled
DSC-H5 – disassembled

I did a bit more disassembly than strictly necessary to replace the shutter button, but not by much; you’d be crazy to pay me to fix your camera, fer shure.

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    1. Whew!

      Those seem very close to what I want. When the old DSC-F717 I’ve been using for closeups finally stops working, I’ll start with that list.

      Thanks for the pointer!

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