Turkey Vultures on a Rainy Day

These vultures decided to hang out high atop our neighbor’s tree during a recent day-long rainstorm:

Turkey Vultures - rainy day
Turkey Vultures – rainy day

There may be a third vulture on the branch behind the big clump of pine cones near the trunk.

This seems about as disgusted as a vulture can appear:

Turkey Vultures - rainy day - detail
Turkey Vultures – rainy day – detail

I think that’s a young vulture, without the red face of more mature specimens.

They spent most of the day there, then flew off about their business. We’re sure they spent most of the next day drying out.

Taken with the (new-to-me) DSC-H5 and 1.7× teleadapter; no extra charge for the purple fringes.

4 thoughts on “Turkey Vultures on a Rainy Day

  1. Given what I’ve seen turkey vultures neck-deep (from the other direction) in, it’s hard to imagine them being disgusted about anything.

  2. Is it Agent Orange or what? No, just Great cormorants and sour stuff coming out of them.
    “Merimetsojen valtaama luoto” i.e. “An islet occupied by Great cormorants”

    1. I’ve seen one or two cormorants around here; I’d definitely stay away from there!

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