Cylindrical Cell Adapter: 18650 to 3xAAA

Anker LC40 flashlights can use either one lithium 18650 cell or an adapter holding three AAA cells. I now prefer 18650 cells, but they’re nigh onto 4 mm smaller than the flashlight ID and rattle around something awful.

I can fix that:

Anker LC40 with 18650 cell adapter
Anker LC40 with 18650 cell adapter

Three new entries appear in the cell dimension table of my OpenSCAD inter-series battery adapter program:

NAME = 0;
ID = 0;       // for non-cell cylinders
OD = 1;

Cells = [
  ["AnkerLC40",23.0,55.0]           // Flashlight tube loose-fit for 3xAAA adapter

I took the opportunity of adding OpenSCAD Customizer comments, which means this now works:

OpenSCAD Customizer - dropdown selections
OpenSCAD Customizer – dropdown selections

The model looks about the same as before, although with a few more sides just for pretty:

AnkerLC40 vs. 18650 Sleeve - Slic3r
AnkerLC40 vs. 18650 Sleeve – Slic3r

That was easy …

5 thoughts on “Cylindrical Cell Adapter: 18650 to 3xAAA

    1. “Natural” PETG threads extrude nearly clear and the cylinder wall has no infill, so you see weird optical interactions between the perimeter layers. In person, some sections appear dead black at the proper angle.

      The grayish zits scattered over the surface come from the usual end-of-perimeter pauses. Normally, I stack ’em up in a column, but this thing fit the flashlight better with distributed ugliness.

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