Monthly Image: Mystery Lizard

We found this critter keeping a watchful eye on the construction at Adams Fairacre Farms during our most recent grocery trip:

Mystery frilled lizard - detail
Mystery frilled lizard – detail

I think it’s an undocumented alien that entered the US stowed away in a tropical plant, because it was affixed to the array of ceramic pots outside their (open) greenhouse windows:

Mystery frilled lizard
Mystery frilled lizard

To the best of my admittedly limited herpetological knowledge, none of our native lizards / geckos / whatever have such a distinctive dorsal frill / fin / ridge. I have no idea how to look the critter up, though.

We left it to seek its own destiny. Unless it’s a mated female (hard to tell with lizards), it’ll have a lonely life.

Perhaps it practices rishratha, which is entirely possible.

6 thoughts on “Monthly Image: Mystery Lizard

    1. Now that is a flashy critter!

      The top picture shows the smallest hint of a dewlap, just a touch of a white(ish)-bordered orange(-ish) flap: thanks for the ID!

      And, of course, they’re ferociously invasive. Might not survive the winters around here, although winters aren’t what they used to be, back in the day, and there’s surely more wherever he came from.

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