Yellowbook Do-Not-Deliver Delivery Option

Last summer I followed the procedure that should turn off (one of) the ersatz “Yellow Pages” directories littering our driveway.

This just arrived:

YellowBook Do-Not-Deliver Delivery
YellowBook Do-Not-Deliver Delivery

Seeing as how they have the wrong town in my address, there’s still another excuse available.

My guess: they’re paid by tonnage of books delivered and have a powerful incentive to continue delivering all of them, no matter what gets in the way.

You absolutely cannot make this stuff up.

4 thoughts on “Yellowbook Do-Not-Deliver Delivery Option

    1. It’s sorta-kinda encrypted as a JPEG image. Anybody who’s that motivated can surely operate what passes for a phone book these days, so there’s no security through obscurity.

    2. Not to mention, those of us who are blessed by getting to deal with the FCC have it publically accessible to anyone who wants it anyway…

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