Kensington Expert Mouse Cable Replacement

My posts about troubles with the Kensington Expert Mouse scroll ring remain disturbingly popular. My most recent warranty replacement has been running fine for several years, so I suspect they had a bad lot of IR detectors go their production line and into the field.

In any event, a recent email asked about where to get the little connector inside the mouse to replace a worn-out USB cable:

Kensington Expert Mouse - internal USB connector
Kensington Expert Mouse – internal USB connector

Maybe you’d be lucky enough to find an identical connector inside an old mouse in a junk box, but that’s not the way to bet.

Given that you need not only the proper plastic shell, but also the pins and the crimper for a proper repair, I suggested just chopping the wires an inch from the connector and splicing the new cable onto the wires.

Not an elegant solution, but it works for me …

4 thoughts on “Kensington Expert Mouse Cable Replacement

  1. Looks like an ordinary JST connector, but of course I can’t be sure.

    1. I think it’s smaller than the usual JST. My feeling was that harvesting the old plug guaranteed a perfect fit (because it’s the same plug!) and gets the trackball back on the air almost immediately.

  2. My guess is a JST SH-series connector. 1mm pitch?

    You do NOT want to crimp those without the proper ($1k-ish) tool. Speaking from experience on that.

    Digi-key does sell pigtails and assemblies in 2-, 6-, and 12-inch lengths, though. Quite reasonably priced, too – though they’re a different (compatible) family of IDC connectors.

    1. Beats me, but I think it’s larger than 1 mm. There’s no way to be absolutely sure without having the replacement connectors in hand, so it’s just a whole lot easier to make the whole problem Go Away by recycling the old connector.

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