Form Letter With That Special Touch

For reasons not relevant here, my middle name is Edward and, on some semi-formal documents, I appear as E. Edward.

Which leads to personal greetings that make me feel so special:

Form Letter Salutation
Form Letter Salutation

I’d be satisfied if they’d stop pretending they care …

4 thoughts on “Form Letter With That Special Touch

  1. They DO care! They care enough to get your first initial right.

    Years ago, at PokLab Building 707, I had a chance encounter with my second-line manager. He greeted me by name and that made me feel so proud! It was the wrong name, but nonetheless he cared enough to use a name…

  2. I have a similar problem since I only use my second name whereas my first name (Iain) is suppressed. I receive a gentle drip feed of correspondence address to “Dear I,” or even more familiarly as “I,…”.
    Guaranteed to be rapidly routed to the recycling bin or spam folder in an instant.

    1. Anybody who calls me by my first name obviously got it by reading an Official Document; hearing it out loud puts me in DEFCON 3.

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