Raspberry Pi: White OLED Display

The white OLED displays measure 1.3 inches diagonally:

RPi OLED Display - white on black
RPi OLED Display – white on black

They’re plug-compatible with their 0.96 inch blue and yellow-blue siblings.

All of them are absurdly cute and surprisingly readable at close range, at least if you’re as nearsighted as I am.

Some preliminary fiddling suggests a Primary Red filter will make the white displays more dark-room friendly than the yellow-blue ones. Setting the “contrast” to 1 (rather than the default 255) doesn’t (seem to) make much difference, surely attributable to human vision’s logarithmic brightness sensitivity.

I must conjure some sort of case atop a bendy wire mount for E-Z visibility.

4 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi: White OLED Display

  1. I find using the I2C versions much easier than these. Just 4 wires to wrangle vs 7 which makes adding connectors etc easier too. The tiny 128×32 version is pretty cute too, especially with the ATtiny85 driving it.

    1. I got the SPI versions because the RPi has built-in hardware support and I figured it would be faster than I²C. In retrospect, that was a Bad Idea and the next batch will have only four pins!

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