Turkeys in the Snow

These guys looked completely disgusted with the situation:

Turkeys on rail fence in snow
Turkeys on rail fence in snow

They’re about 130 feet away in a heavy snowstorm that eventually deposited about a foot of wet snow on the area.

The top rail really does slant downward: the tenon on the right end broke and fell out of the mortise.

The DSC-H5 carries the 1.7× teleadapter, zoomed all the way tight through two layers of 1955-ish window glass, hand-held, braced against the pane.

The day before that snowstorm, we biked 18 miles out-and-back over the Walkway in beautiful, sunny, mid-50s (°F) weather:

KE4ZNU-9 - APRS track - 2017-02-08
KE4ZNU-9 – APRS track – 2017-02-08

We ride when we can and shovel when we must!

6 thoughts on “Turkeys in the Snow

  1. Mortise and tenon are backwards–the tenon is the tooth-like projection.

    We just got an inch of Cascade Concrete overnight. Absurdly high water content, so clearing the deck is going to be entertaining. Aerobic snow removal isn’t my idea of fun, but at least I shouldn’t have to plow anything.

    [thanks for the edit yesterday.].

    1. Whoops! Fixed… thanks.

      The temperature rose enough and the roads cleared enough for another ride today, although the rail trail remains iced over. Obviously, we need fat-tire trikes!

      1. Winter’s been wet enough that the snowmelt and rain caused enough flow in the seasonal creeks to overflow some culverts. Looks like the gravel roads are OK, modulo really soft. The trees are loving it.

    1. Quite by coincidence!

      That straight line connecting two successive APRS position reports just happens to pass through W2RTV’s position. Riding in the other direction, a “middle point” sent from the bridge over Van Wagner Rd pulls the lines closer to the rail trail.

      If APRS coverage was better (or if we had more power) then you’d seem more points and the track would follow our route much more closely. That’s why I put KE4ZNU-10 in the attic: to get better (heck, any) coverage around Red Oaks Mill.

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