Turkey on the Rail

We’ve often seen turkeys perched on horizontal tree branches and split-rail fences, but this is new:

Turkey on patio rail
Turkey on patio rail

Apparently she wanted to use the bird feeder atop the post festooned with plastic squirrel deterrence. Not being Elastigirl, she couldn’t quite stretch from rail to feeder, eventually gave up trying, and flapped to the driveway.

We’ve been turkey-watching for nearly two decades, it’s been eight years since we saw a turkey on the patio, and a few days after I set up the yard camerashazam, this bird shows off for my friend in Raleigh while I’m in the Basement Laboratory. I’m insane with jealousy.

In point of fact, turkeys seem perfectly aware of people inside the house, so it’s not surprising they avoid the patio. When we move close to a window, the flock decides it has business elsewhere and, generally without haste or confusion, flows over the hill and away.

Obviously, I must set up motion detection and capture some images …

4 thoughts on “Turkey on the Rail

  1. That’s not a bird feeder, it’s a turkey feeder with a poorly-designed User Interface.

  2. Instead of setting up full on motion detection, perhaps you could just have the camera periodically capture a shot, then difference successive shots to detect change above a threshold.

    1. IIRC, that’s basically what the motion program does: triggers on the difference between successive frames, then records a programmable interval. I’m sure it’s been improved since the last time I looked under the hood, though.

      I’d want a mask to suppress all those leaves waving in the breeze.

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