GPS + Audio Interface for ICOM Z-1A HT

You’ve seen bits & pieces of this in the previous weeks and months: now it’s up and running!

Admittedly, this is brassboard hardware; I must now build three final versions for our bikes incorporating all the tweaks & adjustments. But it’s time to write this stuff down so I can find it again … and perhaps you can use some chunks, too.

ICOM IC-Z1A with GPS+Audio Interface
ICOM IC-Z1A with GPS+Audio Interface

What it does:

Why we need it:

  • voice intercom for our family rides: we talk without shouting at each other
  • safety communication for public service events supported by the local amateur radio club
  • GPS-based APRS position reporting for those events
  • trip monitoring on our long solo rides
  • it’s a neat tech hack with lots of Quality Shop Time

Major sub-projects (some already partially written up):

I don’t have an instruction manual to go along with this, nor is there a parts kit available. You’ll certainly want to modify everything for your own purposes; the circuit board and case certainly won’t fit whatever HT you’re using!

Over the next several days, I’ll be describing & documenting the tricky parts… in no particular order, because I’m not going to sort my notes & photos ahead of time.