Refresh Tears Eye Lube Storage Boxes

A recent Squidwrench meeting provided the opportunity to make a couple of racks for an assortment of Refresh Tears / Liquigel bottles:

Refresh eye lube - storage cases
Refresh eye lube – storage cases

I used chipboard to find out if the cross plates would stiffen the floppy 1.1 mm sheets enough for this light duty. Indeed, the overall structure becomes a nice rigid box, even though the feet and corners can’t withstand much abuse.

The finger joints use the default settings, which produce a lot of fingers along the edges. This turns out to be a Good Thing, as it gave the yellow wood glue plenty of opportunities to bond the sheets together.

Combining the default 5° slope with nine bottles along each level wastes a tremendous amount of vertical space. The adjacent racks hold three much larger cans per level, so roughly the same space doesn’t look like much. In retrospect, a 3° slope should work for smaller bottles.

And, yes, the squash on the lower shelf store nicely and become yummy meals all winter long.

The overstuffed URL generating the patterns:

And the eyeburning QR code:

Refresh Eye Lube - chipboard QR code
Refresh Eye Lube – chipboard QR code

2 thoughts on “Refresh Tears Eye Lube Storage Boxes

  1. The last couple of posts with the giant QR codes might come in handy for a project I’m working on, where one requirement is to scan several pages of a script into a phone. It looks like it’s possible (if not æsthetic) to cram that volume of data into a QR code, which would likely work better than OCRing typewritten text.

    1. I knew it was possible to encode that much text, but I’d never seen one that size before.

      A bar code decoder app says it has “M” error correction, so what you see is pretty much what went into it. Definitely more likely to work than any OCR I’ve ever seen, even including Google’s book scanning results.

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