Laser Engraved Fabric

This is more along the lines of searing the fuzz, rather than actual engraving:

Laser Engraved Fabric - cotton knit
Laser Engraved Fabric – cotton knit

The top row is 15% power at 400 mm/s, the bottom is 25% power, and the fabric was a cotton t-shirt from the Box o’ Shop Wipes.

Applying the higher power to the inside of sweatpants fabric, whatever that might be:

Laser Engraved Fabric - sweatpants
Laser Engraved Fabric – sweatpants

Both of those were easier to see in the slanting sunlight of a later winter afternoon.

The best results come from the lowest feasible power applied at the fastest practical speed, with obvious size and complexity limitations.

I think this will most useful on a removable tag labeling a piece (perhaps cut from a larger pattern), rather than branding the piece itself.

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